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A hybrid event combines the format of an in-person event and a digital / live streaming event. Basically, the event is live, with the participants present in a physical location, but can also be attended digitally by guests and participants who are not present. The method always involves live streaming of the event for anyone connected remotely, through a device such as a computer or smartphone. Participants may have different levels of interaction with the event itself, depending on what the organisers and director have chosen. The main event, where, for example, the speakers are present, could also be accompanied by other simultaneous events, all connected to each other from their different locations. It is also possible to divide the participants into smaller groups in real time.

The acknowledged benefits are that virtual participation allows a higher number of people to participate in the event, without having to leave their home or office. This formula offers the possibility of broadening and amplifying the success of traditional events at the same time, increasing the number of participants by up to 400% compared to in-person only events.

A hybrid event requires high-definition filming and ultra-broadband streaming technologies, as well as extremely skilled video direction to make up for the absence of part of the audience and the different geographical locations of others.




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