The places of a master whose voice still resonates to this day

Luciano Pavarotti Museum

The villa that celebrates the life of Luciano Pavarotti,
divided between memories and the future

The House Museum of the renowned tenor is a part of the Pavarotti Foundation and pays homage both to Italian craftsmanship and to the city of his birth, Modena.
The villa fully reflects the personality of the Maestro, who supervised the work of the architects, carpenters and blacksmiths.
His love of horses shines through, as what led him to purchase this property in the 1990s and where the first thing he did was to have stables and a riding school built.
Between 1991 and 2002, he hosted the prestigious CSIO show jumping competition, in which the world’s leading show jumpers took part.


The museum is home to photographs and paintings, as well as letters from friends such as Frank Sinatra, Bono and Princess Diana. Each part of the villa pays homage to Pavarotti’s illustrious career, with sumptuous costumes, unique artefacts and numerous awards.

An unmissable visit for anyone wishing to discover not only Modena, but also one of its most famous sons.

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