A passion that became histor

Panini Motor Museum

The private collection of Maserati cars of Umberto Panini

The treasures of Modena include the Panini Motor Museum, also known as the Umberto Panini Collection. This is a private museum housing a collection of vintage cars of various brands, although mostly Maserati, owned by Umberto Panini since 1997.
A former worker at Maserati who went to Argentina to seek his fortune, when Maserati was sold to the Fiat Group, Umberto Panini decided to avoid the total dispersion of a historical heritage fundamental to the city of Modena by purchasing a set of nineteen vintage Maserati cars, which became the basis of the current collection.


In 1997, an exhibition space for his cars was opened to the public inside the "Hombre" farm near Modena, where Umberto Panini made and sold Parmigiano cheese.
The Panini Motor Museum thus combines the history and passions of the Modenese in a single place.

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