History in everyday life

A daily market that shows Modena in a different but equally unmissable light

The Albinelli Market,
a simplicity based on traditions

Albinelli Market, which is held in the old part of Modena, is an indoor market that has been a tradition for well over a century. From the second half of the Nineteenth Century, the city needed a place in which to house all the street vendors who crowded into Piazza Grande and the other city streets and became a risk for the city authorities, who were unable to control their flow.

In the early years of the Twentieth Century, the mayor at the time, Luigi Albinelli, ordered redevelopment of the Contrada delle Carceri, already home to the "beccherìe" (butchers’ stalls) and the fish market, but the indoor market was only inaugurated in 1931.

The Young Girl guarding the market

When Albinelli Market was created, particular attention was focused on hygiene, with marble surfaces for the fishmongers, a guaranteed supply of running water at every stall and a floor designed to be easily cleaned. .

A fountain was placed at the centre of the market, known as “La fanciullina con canestro di fiori”, the work of Graziosi, and is now visited by anyone passing through the market.

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